BMW Car-Sharing Subsidiary Increases London Presence

BMW Car-Sharing Subsidiary Increases London Presence

BMW’s car-sharing service, DriveNow, is boosting its presence in London.

In addition to the four boroughs of the UK capital in which it currently operates, the service will now be available in Westminster, Tower Hamlets, Southwark, Brent, and Barnet. The move makes London the service’s biggest center of operations and will see it rolling out an additional 410 cars, bringing its total fleet in the city to 720. The service professes to aim “to reduce the number of privately-owned vehicles on the road and be part of the solution to London’s air pollution problem”.

DriveNow UK managing director James Taylor said: “More Londoners will now have access to a shared car when they need it and help remove more private cars from our congested roads … we hope that car sharing, alongside other sustainable transport options such as walking, cycling, and public transport, will continue to be embraced by Londoners to help reduce congestion and pollution and build a more livable city”.

The new vehicles operated by DriveNow will be MINIs, MINI Clubmans, MINI Convertibles, BMW 1s, and BMW i3s. The company says it plans to add 80 electric i3s to the fleet in January, which it claims will assist its aim of becoming “80% all-electric … by 2025”.

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