BMW Assist™ extends ACN to include “risk of severe injury” algorithm

BMW Assist™ extends ACN to include “risk of severe injury” algorithm

Should an accident occur, this BMW-exclusive system collects data from on-board control units and transmits it automatically to the BMW Assist response centre, where the data is evaluated using a unique algorithm to determine the probability of severe injury.

Following a severe accident, the first priority is to dispatch prompt and appropriate assistance to the scene. BMW Assist helps to ensure that rescue services are notified quickly and accurately. Now, using a predictive algorithm jointly developed with the William Lehman Injury Research Centre, BMW Assist's Automatic Collision Notification (ACN) service has been enhanced to include more detailed information about the type of collision and the probability of injury to help the local emergency services determine the most appropriate response team to dispatch.

BMW introduced vehicles with ACN in model year 2000. This service sends a crash alert promptly and automatically, including the accident location, and then establishes a voice call. More than 500,000 BMW vehicles are now in operation with this core BMW Assist feature.

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