BEV Merger Targets Commercial Truck Growth

Two BEV makers have agreed to join forces in accelerating the adoption of commercial trucks aimed at urban delivery services.

The UK truck maker Tevva has signed an agreement with Canadian BEV designer and assembly company ElectraMeccanica agreeing to a commercial merger of the companies. Members of the boards of directors of both companies unanimously approved the proposed transaction which is intended to accelerate their combined ability to capture the expected growth in commercial electric trucks.

Tevva recently commenced deliveries of its 7.5t battery-electric truck to commercial fleet customers focused on urban delivery. Its current product claims an unique commercial-grade electric battery system while its future product portfolio is being developed to include a proprietary hydrogen range-extender technology. Tevva’s existing 110,000-square-foot EV manufacturing facility in Tilbury, UK, would be complemented by ElectraMeccanica’s recently-commissioned 235,000-square-foot facility in Mesa, Arizona, which is expected to enable the combined company to scale its production to serve European and US markets.

David Roberts, current director of Tevva, said: “Since Tevva’s founding more than ten years ago, we have focused our engineering and product development capabilities on developing a portfolio of zero-emission commercial vehicles that have generated significant customer interest. Our vehicles have undertaken more than 300,000 miles of testing and operating experience in real-world conditions by demanding fleet operators.”

Susan Docherty, chief executive officer of ElectraMeccanica, added: “We are incredibly excited to partner with Tevva given their unique engineering expertise in an essential segment of a large and growing market. We believe this is the right time and Tevva is the right partner with which to pivot from consumer vehicles to commercial vehicles and respond to commercial fleet customer demand for superior, reliable and cost-efficient trucks.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_  and Threads

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