Avoiding Global Risk by Expanding Global Teams and Operations

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GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest Audio Interview https://globalautoindustry.com/avoiding-global-risk-by-expanding-global-teams-and-operations/ features Nicole Sahin, Founder and CEO of Globalization Partners. Ms. Sahin’s mission is to eliminate barriers to doing business internationally and building global teams. Her innovative solution combines people, expertise, and technology to empower companies to hire anyone, anywhere within a few business days – without the need to set up in country branch offices or subsidiaries.  This is not only true for new automotive technology start-ups, but also for existing established global automotive companies.


In the 17-minute Audio Interview, Ms. Sahin discusses these questions:

  • What does a global employer of record do and could you please discuss how you work with companies to help them expand their operations to new global markets?
  • Could you explain some of the challenges businesses seeking to launch operations in a new country will inevitably face? Are they different in the wake of COVID-19?
  • What are some of the keys to success for expanding operations in unfamiliar parts of the world?
  • How do you go about building the right talent strategy when expanding global operations? What are you seeing from your clients as a result of recent events?
  • How can you ensure employees thrive in a global environment? (communication, culture, technology)
  • When the market is slowing or even halting – where should we look for opportunities?

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