AvMap extends agreement with Tele Atlas


AvMap satellite navigation solutions and fleet tracking systems include Geosat 6 XTV, the world's first sat nav with DVB-T and DVB-H TV, GSM mobile phone, GPRS and built-in alcohol test, complete with Tele Atlas digital maps.

"AvMap was the first in the industry to offer a hybrid solution, which ensures optimal positioning of the device inside the car without annoying power cables and suction cups that restrict the view while driving," said AvMap CEO Simone Lazzarini. "Our hybrid solutions are built-in yet portable, joining all the advantages of the in-car systems to those of the portable solutions."

AvMap currently has agreements with leading vehicle brands to deliver integrated, customised navigation solutions, including Citroën Netherlands, Citroën Italy, Mitsubishi Brazil and Peugeot Automobili Italia and Portugal.

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