Autonomous Driving “Supercomputer” Based on Volvo-Developed Software

Autonomous Driving “Supercomputer” Based on Volvo-Developed Software

An automotive technology company has developed an autonomous driving “supercomputer” called ‘Zeus’, using a software stack it developed in collaboration with Volvo Cars.

Veoneer, a maker of ADAS and AV tech, designed and developed Zeus with the aim of having it perform Level 4 autonomous driving. It used the autonomous driving software stack developed by Zenuity, Veoneer’s joint venture with Volvo Cars, to do this. That stack is itself based on Nvidia’s DRIVE AGX Xavier microprocessor and DRIVE operating system.

Veoneer claims Zeus is an electronic control unit capable of interpreting radar and camera data and responding to it in the “required” manner. It also claims the unit is capable of interpreting data from up to 27 sensors simultaneously. Zeus is built on the Xavier “system-on-a-chip” and runs the DRIVE OS.

Veoneer CEO and chairman Jan Carlson commented: “We developed Zeus to provide safe mobility solutions, and it is an important step towards industrializing autonomous driving in 2021. Working closely with expert partners Nvidia and Zenuity is key to innovate [sic] trusted solutions for future mobility”.

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