Automotive OEM Plants Update: Dates for Plant Openings, Closings Worldwide’s latest audio interview, “Automotive OEM Plants Update: Dates for Plant Openings, Closings Worldwide” features Thomas Kowal. He is vice-president of business development of Seraph, a US management consulting firm with offices in the US, Mexico and Ireland. Thomas has over 15 years of automaker and supplier sales, plant operations and product launch experience.

In the 16-minute audio interview, Kowal discusses these questions:
• Why did Seraph decide to post the OEM opening schedule? What was the value for the industry?
• What do you think the impact of the OEM’s and Tier 1’s have for each region, and are there any overlapping concerns/constraints?
• Are there any lessons learned between countries?
• What can OEM’s and suppliers do to handle the ramp up when we get started again?
• What do you think is on most of the people’s minds at the moment?

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