Automakers and Suppliers: How Safe is Your IP in South East Asia?

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview  features Geetha Kandiah.  Ms. Kandiah is the Director of KASS, one of the leading IP Firms in ASEAN, and she oversees KASS’ practice in 6 countries, with 45+ team members. She manages local and international trademark and design portfolios, and has extensive experience in handling all aspects of copyrights, licensing, and franchising in various industries, including automotive and other industries.

In the 17-minute audio interview, Ms. Kandiah discusses these questions:

  • What is the IP landscape in South East Asia? Is IP even respected in that part of the world?
  • Are there any notable automotive disputes related to IP in South East Asia?
  • What key advice would you give to automotive players who are venturing into South East Asia?

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