Auto Sport Icon Launches EV Powertrain Center

One of the iconic names of motorsport is has opened a powertrain development center aimed squarely at racing electrified powertrains.

Prodrive, famed for its auto sport tuning expertise and involvement in Aston Martin’s performance cars, has invested $6.1M in the center at it Banbury headquarters in the UK’s Midlands. It says the installation is expected to develop the next generation of electric, hybrid and internal combustion engines for road and competition applications.

At its heart is a 660 kW transient dyno which with, temperature, humidity and pressure-controlled induction air, can replicate all running conditions, while also providing cooling for engines and electric vehicle (EV) batteries and motors. It is able to handle engine outputs of up to 878bhp in a compact modular system to help Prodrive tailor it to the layout of various powertrains including the ability to test a full four-wheel-drive electric/hybrid drivetrain.

Arthur Shaw, chief powertrain engineer at Prodrive, said: “The [center] marks a massive step forward in terms of our engine development capability and complements our existing skills in the design and development of all types of powertrain. Additionally, with the new facility bringing the differing stages of our powertrain development all under one roof – spanning the build of the engine right through to its installation in a chassis.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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