Australia deploys traffic system using ITIS TrafficScience™ CFVD technology

Australia deploys traffic system using ITIS TrafficScience™ CFVD technology

Covering more than 70,000 km of roadway, the system is branded Optus Traffic View (OTV).

Using ITIS TrafficScienceTM CFVD technology, Traffic Intelligence and Optus generate traffic information from anonymously processing signalling information from the Optus mobile network.

This is the first commercial deployment of cellular traffic technology to use both 2G and 3G mobile data, and an independent quality report produced by the Australian Research Board (ARRB) has shown that the system is producing extremely high quality traffic information.

The OTV system is also the first traffic service in Australia to have its data independently verified for quality.

The OTV system provides the first nationwide feed of high quality traffic flow data across Australia, and will be used to provide high quality real-time, historic and predictive traffic information to the automotive, mobile and government markets.

ITIS chief executive Stuart Marks said that the launch represents a major achievement for ITIS and demonstrates its ability to successfully penetrate markets outside the UK.

David Quayle, managing director of Traffic Intelligence, pointed out that the system benefits all road users and does not require any investment in infrastructure by a government department.

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