Audi Unveils Entry-Level E-Tron BEV

Audi has introduced an ‘entry-level’ e-tron to its model range with smaller battery pack clearly aimed at cost-conscious urban consumers.

With a reduced range of 186 miles from a 71kW battery, the two electric motors on the e-tron 50 make 230kWh between them giving 308bhp a combined torque of 398ft-lbs and can recharge up to 80% in half an hour, using rapid charging. However, its performance has suffered a considerable cut from the 402bhp and 490ft-lbs the full-fat e-tron 55 quattro enjoys.

The range is under half of what is offered on the more expensive e-tron models but, with most EV owners averaging under 20 miles a day and only needing to recharge twice a week, this should appeal to the penny-pinchers. That said, the automaker has not announced pricing for the e-tron 50 as of yet except to say it will enter production in 2019 before availability in 2020.

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