Audi Joins Californian EV Adoption Alliance

Audi Joins Californian EV Adoption Alliance

Audi is joining an alliance of public and private sector organizations that aims to boost electric vehicle adoption in California.

The automaker is joining ChargePoint, Flo, SemaConnect, Webasto and other transport organizations to form Veloz. The body has received $2M in funding from Volkswagen’s Electrify America and its first project is a “public awareness campaign” titled ‘Electric for All’.

California Air Resources Board (CARB) chairwoman Mary D Nichols announced the group’s formation at a press conference. She claimed that in terms of EV adoption, “California cannot afford to take its foot off the accelerator. Today is Clean Air Day – but … pollution from cars and trucks is choking not just our people and planet, but our economy … we have an enormous opportunity: electric car technology is at a tipping point. Veloz … plans to push it over”.

Veloz executive director Josh Boone added that the body aimed to “inspire Californians to get behind the wheel and into the passenger seat of electric cars”. Greenlining Institute president Orson Aguilar was keen to highlight Electric for All’s aim of encouraging EV adoption among “communities of color, who often breathe the dirtiest air”.

Southern California Edison president Ron Nichols said several private and public members of Veloz are willing to contribute “significant funding” to Electric for All. He claimed: “California utilities recognize the vital importance of moving to electrified transportation”, admitting that the naked self-interest of the profit motive figures among that “importance”.

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