Audi, Huawei Unveil Autonomous CV Tech

Audi, Huawei Unveil Autonomous CV Tech

Audi and Huawei have used the new Audi Q7 to demonstrate the connected self-driving vehicle technology on which they have been collaborating.

At a company event, they demonstrated how the Q7 now features an in-dash Huawei Mobile Data Center, which purportedly allows for “automatic driving” in urban environments. The companies are claiming this represents “progress” from the memorandum of understanding they signed to develop such technology together three months ago.

Audi China executive vice-president of R&D Saad Metz boasted of how his company has “proved in many events over the world to be one of the technology leaders in the area of highly automated driv[ing]”. He added that he anticipates his company will work with Huawei in the future on “highly automated driving functions and future oriented vehicle-to-infrastructure [V2I] communications”.

Huawei chief strategy marketing officer William Xu also claimed the companies would work together “to lead automatic driving into the fast lane. Very soon, consumers will enjoy more secure, comfortable, convenient and intelligent self-driving services”.




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