ATX seeks local partners to expand European telematics

ATX seeks local partners to expand European telematics

ATX is currently pursuing telematics business in the Asian and South American markets through similar agreements with local providers of call centre services and technical operations across those regions.

"Our recent experience in other markets we've entered demonstrates that the strongest business model is one that combines our expertise with providers who are already established in the local market with services," said Steve Millstein, ATX president. "Even in the US – our primary marketplace – we have partnered with Cross County Automotive Services through an acquisition in order to combine our telematics expertise with their established services in roadside assistance and auto insurance claims management."

ATX entered the European market in 2003 through its acquisition of PASSO, a unit of Mannesman/Vodafone.

ATX owns and operates a telematics response centre in Europe that provides services directly to drivers in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, and the UK. ATX contracts with other providers to serve drivers in Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

The company aims to provide eCall and other connected vehicle services across the EU.

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