ATX launches in-vehicle audio messaging

ATX launches in-vehicle audio messaging

To maximise parts and service revenue that can comprise 60% of their net profit, most automobile dealerships attempt to generate business with current customers via service promotion postcards, warranty renewal phone calls and scheduled maintenance e-mail reminders.

ATX maintains there's a more efficient and effective way for auto dealerships and manufacturers to do retain existing customers – by providing drivers with vehicle-related information – especially time-sensitive maintenance reminders – via ATX's patent-pending interactive voice recognition (IVR) in-vehicle voice messaging service.

Preliminary dealership analysis shows that in-vehicle IVR notifications result in five to six times more scheduled repairs than direct mailing notifications.

Over the past year, in addition to in-vehicle service reminders, ATX has introduced a variety of audio messaging services that include notifications of manufacturer or local dealer promotions and premium service demonstrations.

Through the interactive voice recognition interface, the driver can elect to hear more, stop the message at anytime or establish a direct, in-vehicle connection to a preferred dealership to arrange a service. Vehicle owners can also opt out of receiving the messages.

Specific audio messages can be stored at ATX's telematics response centre and activated by off-board intelligence. Time, vehicle location, remote diagnostics, a promotional event, or even a nearby POI can be designated as a trigger.

Since the platform is off-board, the application and message content can easily be modified without changing any in-vehicle hardware or software.

Additional opportunities for criteria-based messaging include in-vehicle safety, location-specific weather and road incident alerts.

The system can also serve as an alert to auto manufacturers and dealers about a faulty or undesirable component that is causing customer dissatisfaction.

The system also enables the dealer and manufacturer to maintain uninterrupted communication with subsequent owners of the vehicle.

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