AT&T connects with KORE, Sharp’s solar-powered mobile phone shines, Chevrolet and GM ramp up their EVs, and more …

AT&T connects with KORE, Sharp’s solar-powered mobile phone shines, Chevrolet and GM ramp up their EVs, and more …

As a result, KORE Telematics will manage customers who can benefit from access to AT&T Control Center’s diagnostic tools as well as further streamline the recently introduced certification process.

“KORE, working closely with AT&T, continues to build its relationship and provide M2M application providers with the reliable network services and the widest choice of management tools required to run their business,” says Alex Brisbourne, president and chief operating officer, KORE Telematics. “As a pioneer in the M2M market, KORE understands the specialized needs of its customers and will continue to work with companies like AT&T to deliver solutions that accelerate the deployment of M2M applications.”

Since 2005, AT&T has certified more than 370 wireless hardware units for its network, enabling customers to access a range of innovative solutions to increase their operations’ efficiency and productivity, such as wirelessly enabled rugged handsets and laptops, healthcare tracking tools, personal navigation units, and meter-reading, vending machine, and home security monitoring devices. For M2M developers and customers, the new agreement between AT&T and KORE extends the range of features and tools available to develop and deploy M2M wireless data applications.

Sharp Corporation
Sharp Corporation announced plans to release a solar-powered mobile phone, the SOLAR HYBRID SH6230C, in the Chinese market in February. Sharp introduced its original solar-powered mobile phones in Japan in 2009, where the handsets garnered attention for their ecologically minded design. The SOLAR HYBRID SH6230C will offer the same features, including a solar cell module, a 2.9-inch LCD screen, and an autofocus camera. Sharp says it plans to introduce solar-powered mobile phones to the global market in the coming years.

Ekahau RTLS
Ekahau RTLS has announced it will provide its location tracking solution to Ohio State University’s (OSU) Medical Center. Large healthcare centers like OSU’s often have difficulty receiving medical equipment in a timely manner, a hurdle that can cost lives. Ekahau RTLS solutions work over any Wi-Fi network and provide specifics about an asset’s location down to the building, floor, room, or sub area of the room. OSU’s Medical Center already has established roughly 3,000 Wi-Fi access points for the Ekahau RTLS solution to optimize.

Apple unveiled its much-anticipated tablet computer this week at a conference in San Francisco. A host of companies announced plans for tablet computers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month, but Apple is the first to introduce a working product. Industry experts expect the tablet, as a hybrid of a laptop and iPhone, to expand the applications market and the Apple AppStore, which is expected to generate about $1.4 billion this year.

The M2M market
The steady rise of consumer and commercial telematics, utility metering, and mobile connected buildings will drive a strong growth in the M2M market in the coming five years, reveals a new report from the market research firm Juniper Research. The number of M2M devices around the globe will reach nearly 412 million by 2014, the report predicts. Healthcare monitoring applications will represent a large part of this growth starting around 2012, the report suggests.

Chevrolet announced that Washington DC, along with California and Michigan, will be an initial launch market for the Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle. The company selected the three areas for their progressive governance and supportive utility partners, as well as for their large customer bases. The greater DC area will be outfitted with 500 charging stations for residential, business, and public use. In the coming year, Chevrolet will begin to release demonstration vehicles into the market to enhance customer awareness and gauge customer feedback.

GM announced plans to ramp up its hybrid and electric car development by manufacturing its own electric motors, a first for a major US automaker. The company plans to trundle its first electric motors off the factory floor in 2013. “Electric motor innovation supported the first wave of automotive growth a century ago with the electric starter, which eliminated the need for a hand crank, and revolutionized automotive travel for the customer,” says Tom Stephens, GM vice chairman, global product operations. “We think the electrification of today's automobiles will be just as revolutionary and just as beneficial to our customers. Electric motors will play a huge role in that.”

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