Asia-Pacific’s PND market to overtake Europe and US by 2012

Asia-Pacific’s PND market to overtake Europe and US by 2012

According to ABI Research principal analyst Dominique Bonte, an estimated eleven million PNDs were shipped in the US last year, representing a fourfold increase over 2006 shipments. Handset-based navigation also fared well, and there was renewed interest in outdoor GPS devices.

2008 and 2009 will see continued success for navigation devices, with connected PNDs becoming more important. Multimedia, speech recognition and Bluetooth will all start to appear in significant numbers. Replacement markets will slow the current erosion of device prices as the PND market consolidates.

Location-based services will grow, driven by social networking movements and increasingly supported by advertising.

By 2012 the Asia-Pacific region will eclipse Europe (currently the world leader in personal navigation) and North America in terms of market size, although regional patterns will differ: Asia-Pacific will favour handsets, while Europe prefers PNDs.

While off-board handsets will become more popular, especially in North America and Asia, ABI Research believes that they will only seize market share from PNDs in pedestrian navigation, outdoor recreational use and LBS. PNDs will remain the form factor of choice for automotive navigation.

"Winners and losers among consumer navigation vendors will be separated by time to market and agility, innovation, quality, community involvement, the availability of user-generated content, and effective branding," says Bonte.

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