Asia News: Yahoo! Gourmet available to Nissan CARWINGS users

Asia News:  Yahoo! Gourmet available to Nissan CARWINGS users

Nissan Motor Co and Yahoo Japan Corp have jointly announced the start of a new service that allows drivers to access Yahoo! Gourmet online via the Nissan CARWINGS navigation system in Japan.

The collaboration is the first time Yahoo Japan’s Internet services has been made available on-board a vehicle.

Nissan CARWINGS users become the first in Japan to receive navigation assistance to find restaurants and complete information including images, reviews by other diners, and barcode coupons through Yahoo! Gourmet.

Nissan has improved its Internet navigation service to allow high-quality delivery of images from Yahoo! Gourmet, which includes barcode coupons for restaurants.

While the previous CARWINGS system provided drivers with restaurant and dining information edited by its content providers, the new collaboration with Yahoo Japan includes personal recommendations from Yahoo! Gourmet readers.

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