Asia News: Toyota announces new G-Book mX telematics service

Asia News: Toyota announces new G-Book mX telematics service

Toyota will begin rolling out its new G-Book mX telematics service and a G-Book mX-compatible HDD navigation system with the launch of new vehicles in Japan starting in May.

The new service is available in two configurations: G-Book mX, which comes as standard with the new compatible HDD navigation system and is free, and G-Book mX Pro, which is a fee-based service requiring an on-board data communications module (DCM).

Map on Demand
This service delivers updated navigation maps through a network covering expressways and toll roads throughout the country, as well as ordinary roads near the driver's home and his intended destination.

With G-Book mX Pro, the on-board DCM performs automatic, constant updates of map data.

In addition, a service will be available that enables users to download updated map data from the Internet onto a CD-ROM, which can then be loaded into the vehicle's navigation system to update it.

Probe Communication Traffic Information
This Toyota traffic information service collects driving data from vehicles equipped with G-BOOK mX to provide drivers with alternate routes for avoiding traffic congestion. The service supplements Vehicle Information & Communication System (VICS) information with updates on traffic congestion.

Wireless audio with Bluetooth®
The new compatible navigation systems will be equipped with a Bluetooth® AV profile that allows users to connect wirelessly to cell phones and portable audio devices in order to play music via their car's audio system.

G-Sound Capsule
G-Sound Capsule is a music package added to G-Sound, which was part of G-Book Alpha. In addition to 900 individual songs, 103 capsules of 680 songs will be preinstalled in the new compatible navigation system, which can be accessed by downloading a required code key.

New operator service
G-Book mX will enable users to request an operator to provide the optimal route to a destination, using Probe Communication Traffic Information in a function known as G-Route Search.

Helpnet as standard
Owners of G-Book mX-compatible navigation systems will have free Helpnet access for the first three years following new vehicle registration. Thereafter, vehicle owners will pay a registration fee once every two years.

Stop sign notification service
A new service will be launched (covering Nagoya, Osaka, Yokohama and the 23 wards of Tokyo, as of spring 2007) to alert drivers to the presence of an intersection marked with a stop sign, for those intersections considered to be particularly dangerous.

Furthermore, new vehicle models launched from this summer will be fitted with a function to warn the driver of an approaching stop sign in the event that the driver seems not to be slowing down appropriately. The warning will be issued based on map information from the navigation system and a precise calculation of the distance between the vehicle's current position and the stop line, which is determined by road-markings detected by an on-board camera.

Toyota is also simplifying its five user plans for the current G-Book Alpha to two: a free version of G-Book Alpha and G-Book Alpha Pro, which charges a service fee for DCM connection.

In addition, Toyota plans to take the on-board technology developed in conjunction with G-Book mX and the service technology developed thus far through the G-Book and create a new telematics service tailored to the Chinese market, where demand is expected to be high.

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