Asia News: Toyota adds eye-monitor to pre-crash safety system

Asia News: Toyota adds eye-monitor to pre-crash safety system

Toyota Motor Co has given its Pre-crash Safety System the ability to determine whether a driver's eyes are properly open.

Along with the system’s ability to detect if the driver is not looking straight ahead, which Toyota introduced in September 2005, Toyota expects this eye-monitoring breakthrough to play an important role in reducing collision-related damage.

The eye-monitoring feature, which is to be offered in vehicle models scheduled for launch in Japan in the near future, uses a driver-monitoring camera and image-processing computer to determine the position of the driver's upper and lower eyelids. If the Pre-crash Safety System senses that a collision is imminent and also determines that either the driver's eyes are not properly open or that the driver is not facing forward, it issues a warning to the driver earlier than it would without such driver-condition information.

According to a 2005 report by Japan's Institute for Traffic Accident Research & Data Analysis, driver condition is a key factor in traffic safety, with driver error being the main cause of traffic accidents.

Toyota believes that the development of driver-condition evaluation technologies is vital to improving overall vehicle safety performance, and is committed to continuing the development of such technologies and further enhancing its Pre-crash Safety System and other safety technologies.

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