Asia News: Nissan tests real-time "slip-hazard warning system"

Asia News:  Nissan tests real-time "slip-hazard warning system"

Nissan will test its “slip-hazard warning system” in Hokkaido, Northern Japan, between November 2007 and March 2008.

The system uses real-time road condition data collected from probe cars. Nissan expects about 100 vehicles equipped with the Carwings navigation system to provide the necessary real-world driving sample data for this project.

The system combines data from its ITS and in-vehicle ABS to issue real-time voice alerts as the vehicle approaches a slippery point in the road.

Nissan hopes to examine the accuracy, effectiveness and feasibility of the system using various probe data, for future commercial application.

In addition to the slip-hazard warning system, the newly improved Carwings system offers:

  • Real-time map of slippery points relative to current vehicle position based on data received via its Carwings communications system and probe information
  • Statistical data based on historical records of the slippery points.
  • Cumulative data on accident points
  • Location of reported skid accidents in the most recent years and from past years.

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