Asia News: Nissan’s new CARWINGS service promotes eco-driving

Asia News:  Nissan’s new CARWINGS service promotes eco-driving

Nissan Motor Co will introduce a new CARWINGS service to promote fuel-economical driving habits in Japanese motorists.

The new CARWINGS service is part of Nissan’s holistic efforts to reduce CO2 emissions as announced under the Nissan Green Program 2010.

CARWINGS is Nissan’s original telematics service that is currently available only in Japan.

The new service will assist drivers to be more aware of their vehicle’s fuel-efficiency performance by providing them with the average fuel-consumption data according to their day-to-day driving habits, and allowing the driver to monitor improvements to their eco-driving skills over a period of time.

The system can calculate the average fuel efficiency performance of each vehicle equipped with CARWINGS. Data is sent directly to the CARWINGS Centre for later retrieval via the member’s personalised webpage.

The system challenges drivers to improve their eco-driving skills through a monthly fuel-efficiency ranking:

  • Eco-drive rankings: CARWINGS members gain category rankings based on their average fuel efficiency in the previous month. Their average scores can be compared with other CARWINGS members driving the same vehicle model,
  • Indicators on eco-driving: The website indicates fuel efficiency for the previous week compared with the average from the previous month, with weekly tips on how to achieve higher efficiency
  • Fuel efficiency record: A graph maps distance travelled against fuel consumption over the previous thirty days to help members to improve fuel efficiency

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