Asia News: Nissan CARWINGS to include eco-driving service

Asia News:  Nissan CARWINGS to include eco-driving service

In line with the objectives of the Nissan Green Program 2010 to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions, Nissan has announced a new service, dubbed Eco-Drive & You (Anata mo eco-drive), for its CARWINGS navigation system.

The new service has three main components:

Eco-drive check (audio and video display)

  • Average fuel consumption – calculated from data gathered from every eco-drive check performed and transmitted between the car owners’ mobile phone and the central system
  • Fuel consumption trend
  • Consumption history and comparison – the previous two records are displayed

Eco-drive ranking (audio and video display)

  • Average fuel consumption history
  • Ranking among CARWINGS members with same models
  • Fuel expense savings yearly display – average consumption based on accumulated CARWINGS members’ consumption data and referenced with data from the Oil Information Centre, Institute of Energy Economics in Japan, updated once a month.

Driving Advice (audio guidance)

  • Various topics for the driver which also include tips on better fuel efficiency

The Eco-Drive & You service started on February 1st for Nissan vehicles equipped with the HDD CARWINGS navigation system, and will start on March 5th for the DVD system version.

Nissan will continue to introduce more eco-friendly products and services under its Nissan Green Program 2010. Current programs include the ITS Project, a joint effort with the Kanagawa prefectural government to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce accidents through wireless cellular communication and probe signals, being piloted at Nissan’s Technical Centre in Atsugi.

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