Asia News: IAP signs up more than 3,100 vehicles

Asia News:  IAP signs up more than 3,100 vehicles

Australia’s telematics companies have learned that more than 3,100 vehicles are expected to participate in the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) by end-June 2008, according to IAP administrator, Transport Certification Australia (TCA).

TCA chief executive Chris Koniditsiotis said that a minimum of 3,100 vehicles are expected to come from at least five IAP applications that have been developed by State road authorities.

These applications will become available later this year when TCA announces the first wave of IAP Service Providers and subsequently when the IAP goes live:

  • Higher Mass Limits (New South Wales)
  • Higher Mass Limits (Queensland)
  • Over-width mobile cranes (New South Wales)
  • B-Triples and AB-Triples (New South Wales)
  • Quad axle group vehicles (New South Wales)

TCA also announced that road authorities were considering other IAP applications, some specific to their needs and others more nationally focused. As more IAP applications are developed, more roads will open for transport operators, which will attract more vehicles to the program.

TCA is currently processing several applications from companies seeking to become IAP Service Providers.

In preparing for the IAP, transport operators are encouraged to speak with their current telematics provider to find out if they intend to seek IAP certification. They should also be wary of telematics companies claiming to offer IAP services or IAP equipment, as none have yet been certified by TCA as IAP Service Providers.

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