Aptiv Developing AV Tech in China

Aptiv Developing AV Tech in China

Aptiv is establishing a base in China for the development of Level 4 autonomous driving technology.

The supplier of autonomous vehicle software is opening the China Autonomous Mobility Center in Shanghai, which it says will focus on development and application of its tech for Level 4 AVs. Aptiv Autonomous Mobility president Karl Iagnemma said the country’s “high market acceptance to autonomous driving” appealed to the company. He claimed the move was “significant for China, and globally, as it takes us one step closer to broader adoption of automated mobility”.

According to a company statement, Aptiv is seeking to partner with other companies for the “mapping and commercial deployment” of AVs in China. It claimed this would assist its tech and internet protocol development and provision of passenger services to the Chinese public. The company already has “engineering hubs” in Las Vegas, Boston, Pittsburgh, and Singapore. The move follows decisions by Volvo, Ford, PSA, and BMW to use China as a base for AV testing and development, and Volkswagen’s preview of a Level 4 self-driving ‘lounge-on-wheels’ aimed at the Chinese market.



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