App turns telematics into ‘best driver’ game


It claims its CURFER app uses the latest developments in connected car technology to provide drivers with visual information on how they drive, including live and retrospective feedback on their braking, cornering, acceleration and idling.

The app works in conjunction withthe TomTom LINK 100 dongle, which plugs into the vehicle’s OBD port to connect car and smartphone via Bluetooth.

In addition to gaining real-time feedback, drivers can share information on their individual driving style with friends over social media networks, monitor long-term trends and earn digital badges and similar recognitions.

This allows them to compare their performance behind the wheel and compete with one another to achieve the best possible driving performance.

While the product itself doesn’t include GPS, to protect the location privacy of drivers, the TomTom CURFER app also includes an optional car finder tool that will navigate users directly to their parked vehicles.

“This new aftermarket solution brings the benefits of our advanced, cloud-based, fleet management technology to all drivers and passenger cars," said Thomas Schmidt, managing director, TomTom Telematics. “It also demonstrates the opportunities the TomTomLINK 100 and its OBD.connect SDK offer third-party developers for creating mobile apps that make use of real-time vehicle and driving data.”

TomTom CURFER is available on £79.00.

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