App to Hail Only EV London Black Cabs

App to Hail Only EV London Black Cabs

London black cab users can now assuage their climate consciences by electing to complete their journeys across the UK’s capital city in zero emission vehicles.

That’s because the black taxi smartphone app, Gett, has launched a new service to hail the all-electric TX fast becoming a regular site in the city center. Claimed to be UK’s first ride hailing app to offer customers emissions-free transport, Gett Electric will whistle up only the nearest TX for the intended trip.

London Electric Vehicle Company’s (LCEV) TX can accommodate up to six people to comfortably sit in the back, with the option for wheelchair accessibility also available. It boasts 50kW rapid charge claiming the battery powers up to 80% in 25 minutes. While promoting clean city air, LEVC also claims operators of the TX taxi will save at least £100 ($130) a week in fuel cost savings based on traveling 120 miles a day in London’s congested streets.

Gett claims to also be supporting the adoption of the TX taxis in other UK cities such as Coventry, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Matteo de Renzi, Gett’s UK CEO said: “We are very proud that our proprietary technology uniquely enables us to offer our London customers the chance to order these excellent new electric taxis. With the alarming pollution levels in London, customers are increasingly looking for eco-friendly ways to travel. Gett are delighted to offer the Gett Electric vehicle option, providing completely emission free rides.”



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