Another Day, Another ‘Premium’ BEV…

The latest start-up to jump on the premium BEV bandwagon follows the well-trodden path of releasing sneak-peek images of a sports SUV.

Italian company Aehra says the images have been released ahead of unveiling the final vehicle design and name next month. While the company says the “images depict a design profoundly different to that of any vehicle currently on the market” to the untrained eye the profile looks like an elevated mashup of any number for high-end sports cars ending up some distance from being anything out of the ordinary.

Nonetheless, the company says it will follow the SUV with the reveal of a sedan model in February 2023. Deliveries to customers of both models are expected to commence in 2025. It also claims to have “substantial private funding in place” and its strategic model roll out is planned for key markets in 2025, including North America, Europe, China and the Gulf States.

Filippo Perini, Aehra head of design, said: “Aehra was launched with a vision to unlock the full design potential afforded by cutting-edge EV platform technology in a manner not previously seen. Aehra’s first SUV model seamlessly synthesizes the unmatched elegance of Italian design with the very best in global materials and engineering to deliver a shift-change across the entire customer journey.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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