America News: Zoom acquires ThomTech

America News:  Zoom acquires ThomTech

Zoom Information Systems has acquired ThomTech Design in a move to enhance Zoom’s ITS and asset management product portfolio.

ThomTech supplies products and services that provide automatic vehicle location (AVL), mobile data terminals (MDT), computer aided dispatch (CAD), remote data collection and road closure gate systems.

Zoom creates ITS solutions and is involved in analysing data transferred from moving vehicles including truck fleets, state police cruisers, snow plughs and passenger cars.

Zoom’s Advanced Real-Time Transportation Infrastructure Information System (ARTIIS) will be a good fit with ThomTech products. Partially funded through a $2.75 million grant from the State of Indiana’s 21st Century Research & Technology Fund, ARTIIS gathers and fuses real-time data from vehicles to determine traffic, road and weather conditions and report on vehicle status.

ThomTech becomes Zoom’s second subsidiary company, and a complementary part of the Dahlgren family of companies including Goodpointe Technology (infrastructure management systems), Lambda Tech International (mobile imaging and mapping), Dahlgren (mobile military systems) and Anti-Terrorism Security Consultants (homeland security risk assessment).

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