America News: SIRIUS to feature in 80% of VWs

America News:  SIRIUS to feature in 80% of VWs

Volkswagen of America is to offer SIRIUS as standard equipment in select 2008 vehicle models.

SIRIUS satellite radio will be offered as standard equipment in all Touareg2, the New Beetle and New Beetle Convertible, GTI, and GLI models beginning with the 2008 model year.

SIRIUS will also be available on Jetta, Passat and EOS models.

SIRIUS and Volkswagen of America announced in March last year that VW will offer SIRIUS as its sole satellite radio provider for vehicles sold in the US through 2012.

VW has exclusively offered SIRIUS, beginning with its 2007 model year vehicles, and expects to equip approximately 80% of its vehicles with SIRIUS satellite radio receivers.

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