America News: Safeco launches GPS-based Teensurance

America News:  Safeco launches GPS-based Teensurance

Safeco will launch Teensurance™ powered by Safeco® on June 27th, designed to create a safer environment for young drivers while offering new levels of comfort for parents.

Using a GPS-based device – the Safety Beacon™ – and online tools to reinforce good driving habits, the program enables parents and teens to set speed, distance, location and curfew limitations.

Notification is transmitted in real time to parents’ computers, home phones, cell phones or other mobile devices when limits are exceeded.

For teens, the program offers 24/7 roadside assistance and a remote door unlock feature.

Data gathered through the Safety Beacon is only accessible by parents and their teens. Individual driver information is not available to Safeco and will not be used to calculate individual rates.

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