America News: Port of Portland installs CommerceGuard

America News:  Port of Portland installs CommerceGuard

GE Security’s CommerceGuard™ System has been installed at the Port of Portland – the first comprehensive installation of the system on the US West Coast.

CommerceGuard is the first global supply chain system that deters and detects theft, smuggling and international terrorism by integrating container security devices (CSDs) within a global information network.

The CommerceGuard network of secure corridors is enhanced with the Portland installation particularly creating secure trade lanes with several ports in Asia that have recently adopted the CommerceGuard System.

CommerceGuard meets the new requirements for container security devices specified in the Port Security Improvement Act of 2006. Oregon Senator Ron Wyden’s amendment to the act specified that a container security device must positively identify a container, detect and record the unauthorised intrusion, and secure it against tampering throughout the supply chain.

Prior to Senator Wyden’s amendment, existing criteria were met by a common padlock.

More than a dozen key international ports have adopted the CommerceGuard container security device and reader system. It has also undergone successful international trials with shippers and is in use by top importers.

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