America News: Plateau Wireless becomes E-911 compliant

America News: Plateau Wireless becomes E-911 compliant

TruePosition has agreed to provide its wireless location system to Plateau Wireless, enabling the New Mexico-based wireless carrier to satisfy the Phase II requirements of the Federal Communication Commission’s Enhanced-911 mandate.

In an implementation specifically designed for Plateau Wireless, this wireless location system uses network-based Uplink Time Difference of Arrival (U-TDOA).

Plateau Wireless’ coverage area spans 67,000 square miles in eastern New Mexico and western Texas.

One of the major benefits of TruePosition’s network-based location solution is that the calculations take place within the wireless network, which means that current cell-phones need not be replaced or modified. As a result, all wireless subscribers can be located when they dial 911 on their cell-phones.

This system also lays the foundation for Plateau Wireless to launch location-based services to all its customers.

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