America News: New business for IDSC and SkyBitz

America News:  New business for IDSC and SkyBitz

Hoekstra Transportation installs IDSC's Expert Fuel, Trip Alert/Swap Advice and Match Advice; Total Logistics Group installs SkyBitz’s trailer tracking solution.

Chicago regional truckload carrier, Hoekstra Transportation, is installing IDSC’s Expert Fuel®, Trip Alert/Swap Advice® and Match Advice® optimization software solutions.

Expert Fuel significantly reduces fuel costs and substantially minimises out-of-route miles; Trip Alert/Swap Advice provides total visibility of assets and exception and event management; Match Advice provides real-time optimised solutions and guidance on dispatching practices, systematically assigning the most profitable trucks with the most profitable loads.

Total Logistics Group has chosen SkyBitz’s patented Global Locating System (GLS) trailer tracking technology for more than 175 trailers in its fleet.

The technology will enhance security for every shipment, and SkyBitz Smart Sensor Tracking technology will enable the carrier to automatically filter out each trailer’s non-essential starts and stops and only receive reports on actionable information such as load arrival and departure times.

The technology can also prevent unauthorised entry and ensure shipment integrity by triggering an alert if a trailer door is opened without permission.

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