America News: Mini USA offers Clear Channel’s real-time traffic

America News:  Mini USA offers Clear Channel’s real-time traffic

Mini USA will offer Clear Channel Radio's Total Traffic Network traffic data on navigation-equipped 2007 Mini Cooper and Cooper S hardtops, beginning March production.

The service, which is integrated into the vehicle's optional navigation system, will come standard and free-of-charge for Clear Channel Radio's traffic service, which is now available in 44 markets across the US.

Jim McDowell, vice president of Mini USA, said that adding traffic information standard with Mini’s navigation system means that customers won’t have to pay recurring subscription fees to access the service.

Clear Channel’s Total Traffic Network now serves more than 125 metropolitan markets in three countries, including the US, Mexico and New Zealand.

Customers currently using Total Traffic Network’s real-time reports include BMW (North America), Garmin International, Nextel, Verizon Wireless, Kenwood Electronics, Tom Tom Navigator GPS, MSN Autos, MapPoint, Cingular QPass, ATX, AAA, Rand McNally, Weatherbug, Microsoft SPOT, Siemens VDO, Mio Technology, and Cobra Electronics.

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