America News: KORE Telematics enables RFTrax to provide GPS tracking to railroads

America News:  KORE Telematics enables RFTrax to provide GPS tracking to railroads

KORE Telematics’ GSM/GPRS wireless networks are enabling RFTrax to provide tracking services to railroads across 98% of service areas throughout the US.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Fairfield Industries, RFTrax is provides remote asset management telemetry to freight transportation companies.

Its first product, the Asset Management Platiform™ (AMP) for locomotives, enables railroads to ‘see’ exactly what is happening to any locomotive equipped with an RFTrax transceiver, or Asset Command Unit (ACU).

Dispatchers and management personnel can log on to the Internet to see (depending on the particular sensors installed) where a locomotive is; whether it is shut down, moving or idling; how much fuel it has on board; coolant temperature, ambient temperature, and more.

KORE, which specialises in machine-to-machine connectivity, has amassed a broad GSM/GPRS network with the necessary consistent service levels for the high-speed transmission of data from remote locations

Through its working relationships with wireless industry players such as Cingular Wireless in the US, KORE is able to provide GSM, GPRS and next generation EDGE wireless communications. KORE offers the largest GSM footprint in the US.

Since the debut of its locomotive service last year, RFTrax has already signed several leading railroads, including the independent Arkansas & Missouri Railroad.

RFTrax plans to expand its service line-up to include Asset Management Platform (AMP) services for railcars and tankcars soon, with other products for the maritime and trucking industries in the future.

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