America News: Inrix launches Inrix Traffic for Windows Mobile devices

America News:  Inrix launches Inrix Traffic for Windows Mobile devices

Inrix has announced the availability of Inrix Traffic for Windows Mobile devices, giving wireless instant access to real-time and predictive traffic conditions on their Windows Mobile devices in more than sixty US metropolitan markets.

More markets will become available in the coming months.

Incorporating Tele Atlas map data, INRIX Traffic for Windows Mobile is the first wireless application featuring dynamic predictive and comparative traffic speed information in addition to real-time traffic speed and incident information.

Inrix’s predictive technology assists consumers in anticipating conditions on major roads for the next few minutes, the next several hours, or up to five days in advance.

Inrix also provides traffic data solutions to other leading wireless navigation platform and application developers including TeleNav, deCarta, eMbience, MobileGates and others.

“Navigation space last year was all about the car – either in-car or portable navigation such as PNDs,” Inrix president & CEO Bryan Mistele told Telematics Update. “Since last year, there have been huge movements in mobile navigation devices, opening new markets and potential for traffic data.”

He added that this application can be a composite of navigation applications on mobile devices or a separate component.

“Our thinking is to create a reasonable price to offer reliable and affordable traffic data to anyone with a mobile phone,” said Mistele. “We envisage that traffic on mobiles will be a daily used application that people use several times a day.”

According to Mistele, 4,000 people have already been using Inrix’s beta version of the application.

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