America News: INRIX and DeCarta integrate predictive traffic with traffic management system

America News:  INRIX and DeCarta integrate predictive traffic with traffic management system

DeCarta and INRIX have announced the immediate availability of INRIX’s Predictive Flow for deCarta’s geospatial software platform.

INRIX predictive traffic services can now be easily integrated via the deCarta Traffic Manager™ extension to its Drill Down Server® geospatial platform, enabling deCarta customers to add real-time traffic and incident information, and for the first time, predictive traffic services, to their location-based solutions.

The integration of deCarta’s Traffic Manager and INRIX’s Predictive Flow traffic technology provides developers with the ability to deploy next-generation traffic services that can predict driving times and optimal routes well into the future.

The availability of truly dynamic, predictive traffic flow information revolutionises deCarta’s ability to deliver new levels of traffic-aware applications from enterprise to consumer.

Putting the power of predictive traffic information into the hands of consumers and enterprise users for the first time represents a monumental shift in technological advancements for next-generation location-based solutions. Leveraging technology originally invented at Microsoft Research, INRIX employs Bayesian statistics to make predictions about future traffic conditions – whether they are fifteen minutes, five days or twelve months into the future – determining the combination of factors that will influence future traffic patterns and uniquely developing an in-depth understanding of what traffic is like in each metropolitan area.

deCarta’s Traffic Manager extension interfaces to INRIX Traffic feeds and correlates traffic-related information to a route using deCarta's Drill Down Server geospatial software platform. Predictive flow information, real-time incident and traffic flow information is mapped to specific locations and then overlaid onto the route – optimizing the route by considering real-time flow information as traffic conditions change.

Traffic Manager enables applications to display predictive traffic conditions and routing options for up to five days in advance, in addition to real-time traffic conditions and search for traffic incidents relative to location and provide detour options by calculating alternate routes around traffic jams, and around any incident that might impact traffic-including accidents and road construction.

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