America News: GE extends VeriWise™ to Mexico trailers

America News:  GE extends VeriWise™ to Mexico trailers

GE Equipment Services will begin offering customers in Mexico the VeriWise™ Asset Intelligence solution on April 15th, matching the total fleet management services already offered to trucking companies in the US and Canada.

GE Equipment Services has been operating its Trailer Fleet Services unit in Mexico since 1993, with branches in Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara. Equipment Services' Railcar Services division has operated in Mexico since the mid-1990s, providing railcars to railroads and shippers throughout Mexico.

According to Thomas Konditi, president & CEO of GE's Asset Intelligence division, the company intends to offer Mexico customers its VeriWise satellite-based product first, and the cellular-based tracking solutions it gained in January with the Terion acquisition later this year.

“We understand that one size does not fit all, and one-dimensional solutions deliver very limited value,” said Konditi. “We have different VeriWise solutions, and we can offer a variety of total fleet management services for trailers.”

Equipment Services is focused on using asset intelligence to streamline operations, optimise fleet utilisation, enhance safety and security, prevent losses from damage and theft, instil preventative maintenance, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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