America News: And the patent wars continue …

America News:  And the patent wars continue …

CalAmp files patent infringement lawsuits against Procon, Skywatch and iMETRIK, and Sprint Nextel successfully sues Vonage for almost $70 million.

CalAmp Corp has filed complaints in the US Federal Court against Procon, Skywatch GPS and iMETRIK Solutions for infringement of US Patent Nos. 6,025,774 and 6,249,217 B1, which relate to a vehicle location system whose purpose is to enable automobile dealers and finance companies to locate and repossess vehicles serving as collateral on loans that go into default.

CalAmp acquired the patents when it acquired the Aircept Vehicle Tracking business from AirIQ in March 2007.

CalAmp's Aircept Vehicle Tracking business provides both equipment and monitoring services for vehicle financing companies, including 'buy-here-pay-here' dealerships that specialise in automobile financing for high credit risk individuals.

In other news, a jury in the US District Court in Kansas City has awarded Sprint Nextel $69.5 million plus 5% royalties in patent infringement lawsuit against Vonage.

The jury found that that Vonage infringes all six of Sprint Nextel's voice-over-packet patents at issue in the case, and awarded Sprint Nextel the lump sum for past damages and royalties on future revenue.

Sprint's voice-over-packet portfolio comprises more than 100 patents covering different methods, components and systems that efficiently connect telephone calls between a regular telephone network and a packet-switched network such as the Internet.

Vonage believes any damages awarded are inappropriate, and has announced that it will ask the court to set aside the verdict, failing which it plans to pursue an appeal of the decision.

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