America News: Airbiquity signs telematics deal with BMW

America News:  Airbiquity signs telematics deal with BMW

Airbiquity has signed a licensing agreement with BMW of North America for use of Airbiquity’s aqServer product.

The aqServer will be used in conjunction with Airbiquity’s aqLink modem software to be installed on future BMW vehicles.

The aqServer uses Airbiquity’s patented aqLink technology to effectively transmit, receive and process real-time critical information transported through the voice channel of any UMTS, CDMA, GSM, or AMPS wireless network.

The BMW Assist service combines an integrated wireless telephone and advanced digital and analogue service for communication with a GPS receiver to determine the vehicle’s location.

“Airbiquity’s technology will make the safety and convenience of the BMW Assist service even faster and more reliable for services we plan for the future,” said Alan Harris, vice president of aftersales for BMW of North America.

Airbiquity’s patented in-band telematics modem software is already deployed in more than five million vehicles. The company recently signed an agreement to license its aqLink modem software to Continental Automotive Systems, a supplier of telematics control units to auto manufacturers.

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