Altea unveils its OTP secrets

Altea unveils its OTP secrets

Altea's OTP is one of the few products on the telematics market able to work with more than thirty different protocols. It has been designed as the operational basis for the company's multifaceted business model eCall+TM. Altea developed eCall+ to overcome the problems of cost effectiveness faced by the EU's eCall, which have slowed down its implementation. Today, EU eCall is back on track, thanks to FCD-based applications, which are the backbone of Altea's eCall+.

Altea keeps testing hardware available on the market. After analysing the functional qualities of any given piece, the IT department integrates the device with Altea's software applications.

The continuous process of device testing will allow Altea to open this platform further and in short time cover almost the complete range of hardware dedicated to safety & security and other telematics services. This way the partner is not limited to choosing a particular hardware supplier, but has the freedom to look for what suits him best considering geographical, technical and tax differentiation; all this without compromising the quality of the final service, which is guaranteed by Altea.

Furthermore, OTP runs with a variety of mapping systems (e.g. NAVTEQ, Europe Technologies, Google, ESRI).

The platform is easily adaptable for employment in a variety of contexts ranging from fleet management, insurance schemes (PAYD, PPU), traffic management or pollution control to safety & security services such as eCall or bCall.

The openness and flexibility of Altea's solution will also reach the end customer in the form of a multilingual interface supported by 24/7 assistance from a secure network of proprietary multilingual operating centres.

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