Alarm app to boost good driver behavior

A car tracking specialist is applying its vehicle security software to create an app monitoring and improving drivers’ behavior for personal owners and small businesses, reports Paul Myles.

Rewire Security, based in Bristol in the UK, has announced its updated tracking software, GPSLive, that it claims allows for viewing the real-time location of people, assets and vehicles using a computer, smartphone or a tablet.

The software update includes features including trip log, detailed usage reports, alerts, and a new interface. The trip log feature claims to allow businesses to identify the mileage of their drivers and tag them between business and personal use, creating a complete record of all their tax-deductible and reimbursable mileage. Alarms can be set for driver behavior such as speeding, idling and harsh braking.

Bilen Saribardak, Rewire Security’s managing director, said: “For years we have been trying to assist individuals and businesses with improving the security of their vehicles but GPS tracking is not all about security. It’s about gaining real-time visibility into your vehicle and assets. The latest addition to our software trip log makes it easier to distinguish between business and private usage of the company vehicles to allow businesses to identify their tax-deductible mileage easily. We are committed to continuously improving the performance and user experience of GPSLive.”

Alarms can also be set for geo-fence zone in-and-out, crash detection, speeding, idling, harsh braking and for any parameter received from the input devices that can be attached to the engine, doors, and windows as well as any other electronic sensor on the vehicle. The geo-fence feature could be particularly helpful for identifying the time-sheet of a business.

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