Airbiquity reveals Connected Services solutions

Airbiquity reveals Connected Services solutions

The platform, combined with innovative business models, showcases the most flexible, cost-effective and reliable global eco-system of content and services available in North America, China and Europe.

Airbiquity conducted comprehensive market research studies to determine which services drivers want and need, and used these in-depth consumer insights to build flexible service options that span safety & security, maintenance, productivity & efficiency, luxury & convenience and infotainment categories, covering almost fifty individual services, including:

  • Dynamic weather reports
  • Dynamic gas prices
  • Local searches for POIs and business listings
  • POI download from web portal
  • Operator-assisted POI download
  • IVR-assisted POI download
  • Roadside assistance
  • Vehicle diagnostics reports
  • Advertising

Additional features on the embedded telematics side include song tagging, e-mail dictation, remote door unlock and vehicle health report applications.

Many of these categories will be showcased on a PND and embedded device reference platform at CES 2009.

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