Airbiquity announces connected services platform for PNDs

Airbiquity announces connected services platform for PNDs

Airbiquity's aqLinkTM data-over-voice in-band modem is a software-only solution that, when combined with the company's VIAaqTM managed data service, allows PND manufacturers to seamlessly enable connectivity on their devices without additional hardware or a secondary data subscription plan.

When connected to a user's Bluetooth-enabled phone, an aqLink-enabled PND becomes a real-time two-way connected device by sending encrypted information over the voice channel of any cellular network, thus eliminating the high cost of wireless connectivity or monthly subscription plans.

When used in tandem with Airbiquity's VIAaq managed data service, aqLink enables users to access a number of voice and data services, including live operator concierge services, real-time traffic, local fuel prices, local weather information, local search of POIs and business listings, send-to-car applications and security services like SOS emergency service, roadside assistance and live car diagnostics.

According to Thilo Koslowski, vice president & automotive practice leader at Gartner, the key to successful connectivity solutions lies in minimising additional hardware and subscription costs to ensure high market penetration.

Airbiquity's managed data services platform is designed for flexibility, with the open model allowing PND manufacturers to pick and choose the specific content and providers they want to use in their connected offerings.

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