AI Start-Up Achieves Fast LiDAR Performance

AI Start-Up Achieves Fast LiDAR Performance

An artificial intelligence start-up is claiming to have developed LiDAR that can recognize other vehicles and pedestrians more rapidly than humans can.

Following its warnings about the dangers to eyesight posed by 900-nanometer LiDAR, Northern California’s AEye says it has made 300m+ class solid-state LiDAR sensors scan a driver’s surroundings at rates of 100Hz or more. Scanning speeds currently achieved are typically around 10Hz. The company claims it’s been able to do this as a result of iDAR, its AI system, which it says “is designed to mimic the performance of the human visual cortex”.

AEye says this “biomimicry” allows its robotic interpretation engineers to design and create scan patterns which can search purpose-built scenarios concerning the vehicle and its immediate environs four to five times faster than the human eye. It claims iDAR can perform object classification and recognition “at the sensor level within the same frame, bypassing hundreds of milliseconds of latency seen in currently deployed systems”.

AEye says Level 4 and 5 AVs will need to be able to do this if and when they are rolled out. Chief of staff Blair LaCorte claimed iDAR would allow AVs “to perceive far beyond the limits of human perception”.

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