AI Can Enhance Travel and Working Abroad for Auto Professionals


Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Allen C. Koski. Mr. Koski is President and Chief Innovation Officer of Insured Nomads, the first insurtech in global benefits. Previously Allen was a Senior Vice President at United Healthcare Global and prior to that instrumental in the growth and development of Cigna Global in roles that ranged across sales and sales leadership.

In the 11-minute audio interview, Mr. Koski discusses these questions:

  • What’s your story? What does Insured Nomads do for the Automotive Industry?
  • What is Artificial Intelligence for our audience?
  • How is AI going to affect the healthcare of our automotive audience?
  • How is AI going to direct our automotive audiences moves and deployments?
  • Are there any lessons we can learn from this last period of Covid and remote work?

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