Africa News: TransCore's SA partner doubles GlobalWave satellite capacity

Africa News:  TransCore's SA partner doubles GlobalWave satellite capacity

The new equipment for the $1 million expansion of GlobalWave Inmarsat satellite capacity was installed at the Stratos Land Earth Station in Perth, Australia, and is now fully operational.

TransCore president John Worthington commented: "Skygistics' need for satellite capacity to track its customers' transportation assets grew so rapidly that additional network infrastructure and subsequently an additional satellite channel was required to meet demand."

With three ground control stations providing service to five continents, the GlobalWave network supports customers worldwide, including more than 600 commercial fleets throughout North America and the US Dept of Defence, and it also powers TransCore's 3sixty fleet management services.

In October, the European Space Agency (ESA) contracted with TransCore to lead the development of an asset tracking prototype that will provide continuous visibility of intermodal containers and eliminate the line-of-sight complication that hinders global tracking of containers while in transit.

Skygistics is the regional operator for TransCore's Globalwave satellite system in Africa, and is the only South African vehicle tracking company with coverage of both Africa and Australia and the surrounding coastal waters.

Skygistics provides an all-weather, around-the-clock, two-way communications system that enables clients to track, manage and control both fixed and mobile remote assets, and conditions in near- and real-time. The management system combines satellite and wireless technology with GPS.

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