ABI’s David Alexander to moderate panels at Logistics & Fleet Management Systems USA

ABI’s David Alexander to moderate panels at Logistics & Fleet Management Systems USA

The first day's session – Manage and integrate vast amounts of data streams from numerous mobile assets – will identify the information that one of the world's biggest companies needs from its logistics processes, the challenges involved, and what the company looks for in logistics systems. It will examine the best ways to organise communication between vehicle and back-office, the storage of text-based communication, the use of data mining algorithms, and will address the integration of real-time traffic into CRM systems.

The panellists will include:

  • Chris Gaffney, vice president of logistics, Coca-Cola
  • TBA, senior executive, Microsoft Dynamics
  • Ross Caplan, senior partner development, Sprint Nextel
  • Jim Rodi, director of business development, Qualcomm

The other panel – Immediate and on-demand fleet & cargo dispatch – will take place on the second day of the event. The panel will address essential hardware and software requirements for immediate dispatch systems, integration of the required fleet management system modules, last minute on-demand logistics services and automatic updates to routing systems, and industry best practice methods of converting existing solutions to make them capable of immediate dispatch.

The panellists will be:

  • David Levy, fleet & logistics segment manager, Tele Atlas
  • Chad Sallman, business development manager, Garmin
  • Pamela Blauvelt, director of information, Griffin Pest Solutions

David Alexander is also the author of a white paper on this topic, which is available as a free download from here.

For more details about the Logistics & Fleet Management Systems USA event, click here.

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