5G Harnessed to Alert Drivers of Pedestrians in Vehicle Path

A 5G-powered ‘vehicle-to-pedestrian’ system claims to alert drivers when a pedestrian is in their vehicle’s path.

Developed by Samsung subsidiary Harman, vehicle-to-pedestrian uses low latency 5G scanning and peer-to-peer networks, vehicle-to-pedestrian can scan the area in front of the car for objects or potential hazards. If a pedestrian’s phone has cellular vehicle-to-everything (CV2X) compatibility, the car can detect this and alert the driver that a pedestrian is in their vehicle’s path immediately in front of them. Likewise, it can go the opposite way, alerting a pedestrian that a vehicle is headed towards them.

Because this isn’t limited to sensing objects in straight lines like regular cameras or radars are, Harman claims the a vehicle-to-pedestrian-equipped car will be able to ‘see round corners’, identifying hazards where normal sensors cannot. Furthermore, as CV2X can be integrated into roadside objects or buildings, Harman says this enables a vehicle to communicate with its surroundings, making roads safer.

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